Portable, save up to 5 aircraft profiles.

Works with all third-party Navigation apps

No fees

Cordless and rechargeable

Installs in less than 10 min

Connect to Multiple iPads simultaneously via WiFi


WAAS GPS, with data logging

Digital logbook and Recording capabilities

High performance ADAHRS

Angle of Attack (AOA)

Award winning, EAA innovation winner 2018


The WingBug is a personal, portable, self-encompassed, pitot static precision measuring device which gathers true ADAHRS (Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System) flight information. Utilizing the WingBug app, it provides a traditional flight instrument “Six Pack” as well as AOA (Angle of Attack), Side Slip/Skid, and ADS-B In situational awareness in a digital display for pilots of all levels.

One WingBug For Multiple Needs

WingBug for Pilot Training

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WingBug for Experimental

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WingBug for Certified

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WingBug for Aviation Testing

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WingBug ADAHRS device

A personal, portable, stand alone, fully encompassed, pitot static ADAHRS device. Attaches externally to the aircraft, using an action camera mount (or optional fixed mount). Captures true flight data and transmits via WiFi to an iPad. Requires the WingBug app (downloaded from the Apple App Store) for the interactive digital "glass cockpit" six pack display, Angle of Attack and Side Slip Awareness indicators, notepad, and flight data recording. Includes WingBug device, Custom Carrying Case, Plastic Action Camera Style Aircraft Mount, Charging Cable, Quick Start Guide, 1 Year Warranty Information, WingBug Keychain, and a WingBug Decal. NOTE: Upgraded Aluminum CNC'd mounts are now available. See Accessories.

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Today all important flight information is displayed on the hard-mounted instrumentation in your cockpit or on tablets connected to hard mounted equipment. Created by Aviators for Aviators, the WingBug is a WiFi-enabled Pitot Static ADAHRS system that is personal, portable, affordable and light-weight with recording capabilities. It is a fully self-encompassed device that is wireless and easily mountable to any aircraft, using a variety of proven mounting methods. It’s internal battery is rechargeable and provides a 12 hour battery life.

(NOTE: For pilot and passenger safety, this is not a tablet GPS created ground speed based instrument simulation. Your indicated airspeed is obtained and displayed with a Pitot Static system which is critical to safe aircraft maneuvering. This provides the added benefit of true and accurate flight instrument redundancy, should a primary system fail.)

Carry your cockpit instruments in the palm of your hands with WingBug’s interactive iPad application (available in the Apple App Store) independently displaying information, like Airspeed, Artificial Horizon, Altitude, Turn Coordination, Magnetic Compass, and Vertical Speed Indicator. Additional situational awareness is enhanced with AOA (Angle of Attack), Side Slip/Skid indicators and ADS-B In capabilities.

Aviators Innovating for Aviators



Co-Founder | Chief Operations Officer
Alex Rolinski received his Bachelors of Science in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle University in 2008 and his MBA in 2013. Alex has served as a CH-47 flight engineer in the US Army while having been deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq.  Alex currently owns and operates Aero Adventure which produces Amphibious Light Sport aircraft.


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Since nothing like WingBug has been seen in the aviation industry there is a lot of interest. Check here for regular news updates.

New WingBug is a portable pitot static system and more

WingBug is a new Air Data Heading Reference System (ADAHRS). Weighing just 11.8 ounces, the WingBug system uses built-in WiFi to broadcast data to the WingBug App to display traditional six-pack instrument data on an iPad. WingBug App displays traditional six-pack instrument cluster.Onboard sensors measure pitot static pressure, temperature, and barometric

WingBug: Portable Wireless ADAHRS

At Sun 'n Fun 2018, a company called Straight and Level is showing off the WingBug, a portable, battery-operated wireless ADAHRS that plays on a tablet in the cockpit. In this AVweb video, Tim Cole reports on how the gadget works.


In our search for the new and interesting at Sun 'n Fun today, we found a fascinating little gadget that could make flight testing a whole lot simpler. The Wingbug is a a self-contained ADAHRS designed to mount like an exterior camera to the wing of any airplane, transmitting data

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