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Fly smarter and safer with our new performance analysis tool. 

WingBug is a portable measurement device ideal for:

Flight Schools

A perfect flight data visualization device for flight instructors and student pilots.


Private Pilots

Suited for pilots - both student and experienced levels - seeking the advantage of having a backup flight data recorder with enhanced data capturing capabilities.



Perfect for government entities looking for low-cost flight data recording innovations.


Why WingBug?

Today all important flight information is displayed on the hard-mounted instrumentation in your cockpit or on tablets connected to hard mounted equipment. WingBug is a Bluetooth-enabled ADAHRS system that is portable, affordable and light-weight with recording capabilities. 

Carry your cockpit instruments in the palm of your hands with WingBug's interactive mobile and tablet application independently displaying information, like airspeed, altitude, climb rate, heading, and turn and bank. 

The recordable backup pitot static systems provides you the ability to review your flight data anytime and compare your flights effortlessly. 

WingBug attaches to any aircraft through the support of standard mounting accessories - that’s one device for all of your planes.

In short, WingBug is the first ever low-cost portable measurement device of its kind on the market. Be sure to take advantage of this breakthrough technology today and you will fly smarter and safer than ever before.

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