Since nothing like WingBug has been seen in the aviation industry there is a lot of interest. Check here for regular news updates.

New WingBug is a portable pitot static system and more

WingBug is a new Air Data Heading Reference System (ADAHRS). Weighing just 11.8 ounces, the WingBug system uses built-in WiFi to broadcast data to the WingBug App to display traditional six-pack instrument data on an iPad.

WingBug App displays traditional six-pack instrument cluster.
Onboard sensors measure pitot static pressure, temperature, and barometric altitude and include an accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer, as well as GPS.

WingBug App’s altimeter display.
Depending on your needs, the WingBug appears to scratch a variety of itches.

Right side view of WingBug.

Top view of WingBug.

If you are building an airplane, it can be used for flight testing. Those learning to fly can record flight lessons for later playback/debrief. If you seek redundancy to your traditionally installed pitot-static system/ADAHRS, the WingBug is an affordable ($950) option.

It is not hard to see the WingBug becoming FAA approved via the Non Required Safety Enhancing Equipment (NORSEE) program.

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WingBug: Portable Wireless ADAHRS

At Sun ‘n Fun 2018, a company called Straight and Level is showing off the WingBug, a portable, battery-operated wireless ADAHRS that plays on a tablet in the cockpit. In this AVweb video, Tim Cole reports on how the gadget works.

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In our search for the new and interesting at Sun ‘n Fun today, we found a fascinating little gadget that could make flight testing a whole lot simpler. The Wingbug is a a self-contained ADAHRS designed to mount like an exterior camera to the wing of any airplane, transmitting data on airspeed, altitude, AOA, and attitude to an iPad in the cockpit.

Data can be displayed on a virtual six-pack of gauges, and at the same time, recorded for later use. Originally conceived to back up aircraft instruments, provide instrumentation for a simple aircraft, and help to debrief training flights, we look at it as a potential breakthrough for test flying experimental aircraft.

It’s fairly common these days to rely on an aircraft’s EFIS to record flight test data during Phase 1, but this can be problematic if you have not yet calibrated the pitot-static system so that airspeed and altitude is known to be accurate.

The Wingbug can solve this by being mounted out on the wing where it resides in fairly reliable clean air. This can help with initial calibration of the aircraft for Phase 1 – or for magazine pilots working to evaluate a new airplane and establish good baseline data on an aircraft’s performance. Gone are the days of pencils on Kneeboard, or cameras trained on instrument panels – the Wingbug should give you good data for post-flight analysis.

We hope to test the Wingbug in an upcoming article in Kitplanes – and if it proves to live up to its promise, it might become a regular “ride-along” for evaluation flights in the future.

Watch the video by Tim Cole/AVweb:

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Bryan Tittle speaks with Gold Seal

Straight & Level Technologies’ VP of Business Development, Bryan Tittle speaks live online with the folks at Gold Seal ( about the WingBug and its positive influence on flight training safety.

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Wing-Mounted ADAHRS Now Available

The new portable, externally mounted WingBug Air Data, Attitude and Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) from Straight & Level Technologies provides independent flight data for pretty much whichever aircraft it can be clipped to—as long as the aircraft in question doesn’t exceed 200 MPH. The device, CEO and inventor Alex Rolinski explained to AVweb, sends the data to an iPad via internal Wi-Fi, displaying it on the WingBug mobile app. To see learn more about it, see this video.

The product has been under development for about four years. In addition to providing airspeed and attitude information, WingBug will document flight data for later review, including making use of its built-in GPS to plot the aircraft’s flight path. WingBug will display airspeed up to 260 MPH—it can show knots as well—and altitudes up to 25,000 feet. It’s also shock and water resistant. Price for the unit is $950. Going forward, the company is looking at adding angle of attack and side-slip indicators and ADS-B In to the device.

The WingBug team will also be heading to Oshkosh Air Venture this year to compete for the 2018 EAA Founder’s Innovation Prize. The EAA Innovation Prize is awarded every year at Oshkosh Air Venture for the best loss of control solution. The winner receives $25,000, second place gets $10,000, and third $5,000.

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Press Release – Introduction of the “WingBug” ADAHRS Measuring Device to the Aviation Marketplace

Deland, FL – March 25, 2018 – After over three years of research and development, Straight & Level Technologies, LLC of Deland, Florida announced today that their WingBug ADAHRS portable measuring device is ready, and will be unveiled to the aviation industry at the Sun-N-Fun Fly-In. WingBug is the first ever low-cost portable measurement device of its kind on the market. The innovative device will be available for retail purchase at the show at booth B068.

Chief Operating Officer Alex Rolinski says “Like with so many industry products, necessity drives invention. Our research found there was no portable device available in the general and experimental aviation industry that provided a pilot with true airspeed on now commonly used tablets. Most everything is based upon GPS which is not a true depiction of the aircraft’s flying conditions. As Brandon Marsell and I began looking to solve this concern, we realized we could provide much more including a digital six pack of instrumentation. Coupled with the proven technology of a pitot-static system, the blending of GPS, gyroscopics, and magnetic navigation all in a portable device, we solved this need. Add to that the recordability of flight data, the improved learning methodology, and back-up instrumentation and you have WingBug.”

Today all important flight information is displayed on the hard-mounted instrumentation in an aircraft cockpit or on tablets connected to hard mounted equipment. WingBug is a WiFi-enabled ADAHRS system that is portable, affordable and light-weight, with recording capabilities. A pilot can now carry their cockpit instruments in the palm of their hands with WingBug’s interactive mobile and tablet application independently displaying information, like airspeed, altitude, climb rate, heading, and turn and bank. The recordable backup pitot static systems provides the pilot with the ability to review flight data anytime and analyze flights effortlessly. WingBug attaches to any aircraft through the support of standard mounting accessories – that’s one device for all of their planes. In short, WingBug is technology that will allow a pilot to fly smarter and safer than ever before.

The annual Sun-N-Fun International Fly-In and Expo is being held at the Lakeland
Airport, April 10-15, 2018. The WingBug team knows this is the perfect venue to announce the introduction of their device to the aviation world. Pilots of all types, from all parts of the world faithfully attend this event looking for new and innovative technology such as the WingBug. As this is a Central Florida based creation, no place would be more perfect.

To learn more about WingBug and Straight & Level Technologies, LLC you can visit their website at or their Facebook page.

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Press Release – New member of the Straight & Level Technologies team

Deland, FL – February 1, 2018 – In anticipation of the soon to be released WingBug ADAHRS portable measuring device to the aviation industry, Chief Operating Officer Alex Rolinski announces the new Vice President of Business Development for the company.

Rolinski explains, “Now that we have WingBug ready to go to market, we have explored how to best accomplish our marketing and sales needs. Today we are pleased to announce that Bryan Tittle has joined our team as the Vice President of Business Development. As his title indicates, Bryan will be responsible for placing the WingBug and future Straight & Level products in the hands of those who need them. Bryan brings years of passion and experience with general aviation and experimental aircraft, coupled with a career in public safety. While working in public safety and after retirement, Bryan was successful in providing high tech specialty command and communications vehicles to government and private entities both in the United States and internationally. Now he is able to blend his safety and aviation priorities to provide an innovative device(s) to the aviation world.”

“Obviously I am more than thrilled to be joining the Straight & Level team and accepting the responsibilities associated with bringing their technology to the aviation market” says Tittle. “Aviation has been my passion since a young age, even before I began my experience with the Civil Air Patrol and later flying both for fun and professionally. This company’s product development, emphasis on improving aviation training and safety, along with their desire to give back to the aviation community fits perfectly within my personal priorities. I can’t think of a better way to complete my working years.”

To learn more about WingBug and Straight & Level Technologies, LLC you can visit their website at or their Facebook page.

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