WingBug for Certified


Though not FAA certified as a primary source of flight instrumentation, the WingBug ADAHRS device and app are the perfect complement to certified aircraft. Whether providing instrument redundancy, flight recording, or the added safety of Angle of Attack and Side Slip situational awareness plus ADS-B In, WingBug greatly enhances a pilots flying experience and peace of mind. Here are a few reasons why:

PERSONAL AND PORTABLE: From a student pilot in day one of training, to a seasoned veteran aviator who flies multiple aircraft. For the pilot that rents aircraft for pleasure or business when travelling. For the pilot for hire that ferries aircraft from airport to airport. The WingBug goes with you. Take it with you just like you would your headset, E6B, logbook, or other equipment you find critical to safe and comfortable flying. You can now fly with the peace of mind of instrument redundancy and reliable accuracy you have never had before.

REDUNDANCY: The majority of moderate to low speed, and older aircraft only have one set of pilot side instruments. Some may have system redundancy, but most due to cost, space, and weight considerations do not. System redundancy is unheard of in older aircraft. Up until now, should a pilot lose flight instruments due to an electrical failure, vacuum pump failure, or hardware malfunction they either have no back up or rely upon GPS based apps which only give ground speed and relies on the placement of the tablet or smart phone in the cockpit. With WingBug you now have a stand-alone, fully encompassed ADAHRS Six Pack which operates the same as, but independently from, the aircraft’s primary systems. You can rely on the data to be as accurate as the primary system, and to be with you to get you safely on the ground.

FLIGHT RECORDING: Are you a pilot who debriefs your flights, whether alone or with your co-pilot/passengers? Now you have the ability to not only record real flight data, but play back, evaluate, and archive that data. Not only that, but if you would like it can be shared with other pilots to brag about your exploits or share lessons learned. In addition to the recording of all gauge data, the built in GPS records your flight path and location. Once safely on the ground you can download the recorded flight to programs such as CloudAhoy or Google Earth to play back the flight. You can simultaneously review your instruments to evaluate patterns, approaches, and enroute navigation accuracy.



IN FLIGHT BENEFITS: With the minimal size and weight of an iPad and the versatility it brings to the cockpit, pilots no longer have to forgo the information, situational awareness, and safety provided by a full set of flight instruments. If flying in aircraft that has a second seat but not a second set of instruments, now all positions can be aware of what the aircraft is doing while moving through the air. If you have ever thought it would be nice to have redundancy in those instruments, now you can.