What’s inside?

Today, all important flight information is displayed on the hard-mounted instrumentation in your cockpit or on tablets connected to hard mounted equipment. Created by Aviators for Aviators, the WingBug is a WiFi-enabled Pitot Static ADAHRS system that is personal, portable, affordable and light-weight with recording capabilities. This device has an incredible array of sensors; all packed into something that fits in the palm of your hand. Take WingBug with you from plane to plane and flight to flight.


The airspeed indicator in the app displays the airspeed sensed by WingBug. This is achieved through the use of a small pitot tube that extends off the front of the WingBug. Just like a pitot tube on an aircraft, WingBug measures the differential pressure between static and total pressure allowing for the determination of the airspeed. The gauge in the app is fully customizable, letting you set your range as well as the V-speeds for your aircraft. Rather see MPH? simply tap on the gauge and the values are instantly converted for you. Additionally, there is a convenient digital readout right on the gauge face for quick reference.

Attitude Indicator

The attitude indicator in the app is driven by an Attitude and Heading Reference System or AHRS embedded inside WingBug. This sensor consists of a suite of accelerometers, gyrometers, and magnetometers that intelligently blend together to measure the pitch and roll of the aircraft. Additionally, there is a convenient “cage” button that can be used to “zero out” the attitude in case it’s not mounted perfectly level.



The altimeter in WingBug is a true barometric altimeter. No more relying on GPS altitude. The sensors within WingBug accurately sense the atmospheric pressure outside the aircraft and calculate the altitude. This highly accurate sensor is accurate to within less than 1 foot. As with any barometric altimeter, the user is required to enter a reference pressure. To do this in the app, simply tap on the gauge and a convenient menu lets you easily set this value. Additionally, there is a convenient digital readout right on the gauge for quick reference.

Turn and Bank Indicator

Ensure all your turns are nice and coordinated with WingBugs’ built in turn and bank indicator. This gauge also takes advantage of the AHRS system embedded in WingBug. Use it to provide better situational awareness and lessen the likelihood of a loss of control incident. Also affected by the cage button, this indicator functions just like the analog one in your plane.



Always know where you are headed using WingBug’s compass. This indicator uses data from WingBugs’ embedded magnetometers. Directly sensing the magnetic field of the earth, this compass does not solely rely on the GPS heading for its readings. Additionally, there is a convenient digital readout right on the gauge face for quick reference.

Vertical Speed indicator

Using the same high accuracy sensor used by the altimeter, this gauge displays the current vertical speed in feet per minute. Just like the analog version in your plane, you can use this gauge to ascertain that level flight is being maintained, especially during turning maneuvers.


Angle of attack and Sideslip

The front of the WingBug is designed with 4 small holes that are 90 degrees from each other. These small holes sense the difference in pressure on all sides of the WingBug allowing for an accurate measurement of both Angle of Attack as well as Sideslip angle. This value is intuitively displayed on color bar indicators on the edges of the gauges screen in the app. The colors light up as the angles change. As with the airspeed indicator, these ranges are fully customizable for your aircraft. Additionally, there is a convenient digital readout for quick reference.


WingBug is a fully portable unit that is powered by an internal battery. Its internal battery is rechargeable and provides a 12 hour battery life. Simply plug in your WingBug with the provided micro-USB cable and let it charge overnight prior to your flight.