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Press Release – Introduction of the “WingBug” ADAHRS Measuring Device to the Aviation Marketplace

Deland, FL – March 25, 2018 – After over three years of research and development, Straight & Level Technologies, LLC of Deland, Florida announced today that their WingBug ADAHRS portable measuring device is ready, and will be unveiled to the aviation industry at the Sun-N-Fun Fly-In. WingBug is the first ever low-cost portable measurement device of its kind on the market. The innovative device will be available for retail purchase at the show at booth B068.

Chief Operating Officer Alex Rolinski says “Like with so many industry products, necessity drives invention. Our research found there was no portable device available in the general and experimental aviation industry that provided a pilot with true airspeed on now commonly used tablets. Most everything is based upon GPS which is not a true depiction of the aircraft’s flying conditions. As Brandon Marsell and I began looking to solve this concern, we realized we could provide much more including a digital six pack of instrumentation. Coupled with the proven technology of a pitot-static system, the blending of GPS, gyroscopics, and magnetic navigation all in a portable device, we solved this need. Add to that the recordability of flight data, the improved learning methodology, and back-up instrumentation and you have WingBug.”

Today all important flight information is displayed on the hard-mounted instrumentation in an aircraft cockpit or on tablets connected to hard mounted equipment. WingBug is a WiFi-enabled ADAHRS system that is portable, affordable and light-weight, with recording capabilities. A pilot can now carry their cockpit instruments in the palm of their hands with WingBug’s interactive mobile and tablet application independently displaying information, like airspeed, altitude, climb rate, heading, and turn and bank. The recordable backup pitot static systems provides the pilot with the ability to review flight data anytime and analyze flights effortlessly. WingBug attaches to any aircraft through the support of standard mounting accessories – that’s one device for all of their planes. In short, WingBug is technology that will allow a pilot to fly smarter and safer than ever before.

The annual Sun-N-Fun International Fly-In and Expo is being held at the Lakeland
Airport, April 10-15, 2018. The WingBug team knows this is the perfect venue to announce the introduction of their device to the aviation world. Pilots of all types, from all parts of the world faithfully attend this event looking for new and innovative technology such as the WingBug. As this is a Central Florida based creation, no place would be more perfect.

To learn more about WingBug and Straight & Level Technologies, LLC you can visit their website at or their Facebook page.


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