WingBug Large Tie Down Clamp Base by Rock Steady


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Rock Steady Large Tie Down Clamp Base
With the Large Tie Down clamp base, turn any large tie down on any aircraft into a WingBug mount location. The all aluminum base uses a thumb screw with a hex drive head. This is an FAA friendly temporary compliant mount. The thumb screw hex drive head allows you to tighten with the included hex wrench too.

FAA Approval rating for this product:
*Safe & Secure (Select Combinations)
*FAA Temporary (Select Combinations)
*FAA Minor Alteration (Select Combinations)
*FAA Approval Available (Select Combinations)

The Large Tie Down Clamp Base kit incudes: Aluminum Bar with Dovetail, Aluminum Bar, Hex Wrench, 2 Thumb Screws, 2 Rubber Gaskets

The Flight Flix Rock Steady mounts, originally for action cameras, are now available for WingBug. Enjoy this short video to learn more: