WingBug for Pilot Training


  • Personal, portable, and self-contained
  • Attaches to any aircraft
    • Take it with you as you advance in your training
  • Transmits flight data via WiFi to your iPad
  • Provides true air data via the pitot static system
    • Save settings for up to 5 aircraft
  • Programmable V speeds creating an airspeed indicator specific to the aircraft you are flying
  • Adjustable altimeter for the current barometric pressure for accurate altitude calculations
  • Cage instruments at the beginning of your flight to establish your straight and level zero position
  • Your flight is recorded for playback using apps such as CloudAhoy or Google Earth
    • Increases learning through on the ground review of points missed during the stress of flight training
    • Improves safety
    • Accelerates training
  • Gain more knowledge per hour potentially decreasing the time needed for licensing
  • Record and share your training progress with instructors, family, and friends
  • Mark important events during your flight for later review
  • Angle of Attack (AOA) and Side Slip/Skid situational awareness indicators
  • ADS-B In for local traffic awareness
  • Your app subscription and warranty continue throughout your enrollment at the flight school where your WingBug was obtained or you are enrolled at time of purchase (Certain conditions and proof of enrollment apply).


  • Use WingBug to demonstrate flight instrument function and operation during ground school
  • Provides actual flight data such as actual air speed versus GPS based groundspeed
    • Know when the student operated within set airspeed and flight attitude parameters
  • Aid your student’s learning with the addition of visual aids such as flight playback
    • Works with CloudAhoy and Google Earth programs
  • Mark important events during your flight for later review
  • Provides redundant flight instruments
  • Provides dedicated instruments for the instructor with a built-in note pad
  • Send your student home with a tool to review their flight and self-assess
  • Prompt yourself for important points to share with the student
  • Evaluate a student’s solo and cross-country flights upon their return
  • Creates more thorough, accurate, expeditious, and safe flight training
  • Quicker student turn-around
  • Instructors may obtain flight recordings for their records and future reference
  • Well trained, safe, happy, and progressing students recommend their instructors


  • Schools provide WingBug to students as a part of a training package or separate retail sale
  • Pilot shops may offer WingBug to their customers
  • WingBug enhances training, potentially decreasing the hours required for student advancement
  • Improves student recruiting by offering WingBug enhanced training programs
  • Improves student retention due to better training and WingBug provided student incentives
  • WingBug staff provides a train the trainer for instructors (The appropriate Train the Trainer methodology will be determined based upon the student and instructor volume of the school) on how to best utilize WingBug for their students and school sales
  • One (1) set of WingBug instructional tools, to include a briefing stick and WingBug wings for ground school training
  • Recorded flights may be obtained by school administration for critical record keeping


Bryan Tittle
V.P. of Business Development
1-833-WINGBUG (946-4284)